5 Things to Avoid in Your Web Design

September 18th, 2013

5 Things to Avoid in Your Web Design

Your website is your face to the Internet world. You want your Long Island web design to be the best possible reflection on your business and what you stand for. Your reputation depends on it. Whether you hire someone to design your website for you or you attempt to do it yourself, you need to understand how to avoid the most common mistakes to ensure success.

Slow Load Times

Because most people access the Internet through high-speed Internet connections, they expect all websites to load quickly. If you use Flash or a large number of graphics on your site, it will have a negative impact on your load times. If your site takes too long to load, visitors are going to leave your site and aren’t likely to come back.

Crowded Websites

Visitors need to get from one page on your site to another with ease. They shouldn’t have to hunt for hidden navigation tools or feel frustrated if they don’t find a way to get to the page they want to see. In addition to easy navigation on the homepage, the navigation should easily bring your visitors back to the homepage or to any other page.

Poor Text

The text on your website is critical to engage your audience and keep them interested. If your text is poorly written or takes up too much of the page, users won’t be interested in your site. Sometimes this involves hiring a company to write the content for you to ensure it is as effective as possible.

No Contact Information

Your Long Island web design doesn’t have to include all aspects of your contact information, including phone number, fax, email or physical address, but it should include at least one. When you leave your contact information off your website, it looks suspicious to visitors. You need to show them they can contact you if they have questions or concerns.

Broken Links

It is important to make sure all the links on your website are always functional. If someone clicks on a link on your site and it leads to an error message, they will feel as though you don’t care about them and their business. Checking links on a regular basis allows you to fix them so users don’t run into them. Every time you make changes to your web design, you need to change links to accommodate that change.

Your website design should be the best one possible to ensure you are able to capture and hold the attention of your audience. Many websites make mistakes in their design that cost them traffic and make it difficult for them to succeed. If you can avoid these mistakes, you will be more successful in your Internet endeavors.

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