The Future of the Web is Video

April 16th, 2013

While I cannot remember the very first time my father connected our family Commodore 64 to the internet, I recall my amazement in the years following as I saw photos and parts of life from all over the world from our living room. But we’ve seen photos of Africa, inner cities and superstars before, so why was this so great? For the first time I could control what I wanted to see, when I wanted to see it. The only limit was the speed of our internet connection, however, with the advent of cable modems and ethernet, those drawbacks are virtually absent and have propelled such websites as YouTube and Vimeo into household names. Yes, I enjoy watching funny fails probably as much or more than you do, yet shouldn’t we be using this great tool of video on the web for more than entertainment purposes?

A web page with product videos is 85% more likely to sell that product than a web page without a video (source: Website Magazine). HD SLR cameras such as the Canon T3i Rebel, Sony ALT-57 and even the iPhone makes it extremely easy to shoot HD video, so why aren’t more businesses using video to sell their products? I asked this question to a few online dealers (whom asked to remain anonymous), they told me time and money was the number two reason, so what was the number one? Laziness. Their competition wasn’t doing it, so why should they. Another instance of the age-old business model: copy the other guy!

Be innovative. Hire an outside firm to produce product videos for your website. Chances are, your website needs a makeover, so look for a web design company who can rebrand your business with a high-end website and has the ability to produce your product videos as well. They can film, edit and upload to the web page while you can stay focused on your business and watch the sales grow.

85%  is a high number, can you afford not to include product videos on your website?