Top 3 Design Principles for Your Website

April 19th, 2013

An excellent Long Island website design company knows how important it is to consider the myriad of design principles when creating your business website. If you are running a business, you know all about that very important first impression. When someone shows up on your businesses website, it needs to inspire them to stay and look around and ultimately to shop.

A great looking website will be clean and appealing with relevant information. If the site is crammed with information, relevant or not, it will not be viewed for long. The first page needs to be selective about what information is the most enticing, pique curiosity and draw your “readers” in. A Long Island web design firm will make sure your business website is consistent throughout.

1) Branding

There should be continuity in the design and colors, for sure, but also in the tone and character of your business. Understanding your audience will be critical as this helps in determining the feel of your site. A website designed for the 50+ generation will certainly feel different than one designed for the 18 – 24 crowd.

2) Navigation

Information will be accessible. As you navigate your website you will see that it is simple to use and gets you to where you need to go without any searching and confusion. A table of contents, tabs that run across the site with an easily seen home link and a drop down menu for sub categories will allow users to always find their way around your website.

3) Interaction

There will be several places for your users to interact with you, whether email, a blog, where they can leave comments, or a Facebook and Twitter link. These are all ways that your users can contact you for answers to their questions. Make sure you respond promptly.

You will have to work with your web design firm to create the “who we are” page. Standing behind your company is very important. Putting a face to a brand will only make people feel more comfortable doing business with you and if it comes down to your company with the description and a company who is vague, your business will win.

So as you look for a web design firm, you will be assured that all design principles will be met with your company’s specific audience in mind.